Chocolate Recipe – Guest Contribution from Tara

Tara won first prize for her Chocolate recipe. Though it’s not a typical South Indian recipe, I intend to publish all interesting ones from guest contribution.

Tara’s chocolate pic coming up soon!

Here goes the recipe…

Milk Powder : 2 cups
Drinking Chocolate : 2 cups
Cocoa powder : 1/2(for bitter taste add more quantity)
Sugar : 1/2 cup
Butter(unsalted) : 100gm

1. Butter should be soft. If it’s refrigerated bring it to room temperature.
2. Take a bowl. Mix all three powders (milk powder, drinking chocolate & cocoa powder) and keep it aside
3. Mix sugar with some water (very small quantity) in a pan and heat it so that sugar dissolves. Remove sugar syrup from heat even before the single string consistency.
4. Add butter to the syrup so it melts.
5. Slowly add the powder mix to the syrup and mix it thoroughly without any lumps – pour this into a tray or plate (apply butter before pouring the mix)
6. Garnish with nuts and refrigerate for 15-20 minutes
7. Now cut them into pieces and relish

Note: If not comfortable making sugar syrup, suggestion would be to add icing sugar and increase the butter quantity to get semisolid consistency for the mix

Happy Cooking!

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