Paal Kozhukattai – A Refreshing Dessert

Paal kozhukkattai recipe: Its such a smooth, soft and refreshing dessert. It’s equally liked by everyone in the family. Especially my kid loves it. So I don’t wait for occasions to make it…rather I make it every other week as an evening snack. Ingredients: For dough: 1 cup rice flour 2 cup water 1 tspn ghee Pinch of salt For sweet sauce: 3/4 cup milk … Continue reading Paal Kozhukattai – A Refreshing Dessert

Avarakkai poriyal / hyacinth beans sidedish

Avarakkai side dish recipe: Writing about my cooking in a way has helped me to update myself on the vegetable names that’s been off memory or have I ever read these names in school days…I don’t remember.. More than the cooking time spent for preparing this dish… I spent more time researching the English equivalent of avarakkai- Hyacinth beans… Whomever have named this…I’m having hard time … Continue reading Avarakkai poriyal / hyacinth beans sidedish

Mixed Vegetable Side Dish – Leftover veggies!

Mixed vegetables side dish recipe: I buy vegetables on a weekly basis. Sometimes when I’m intrigued to make a particular dish, I would buy the ingredients as and when required. After making all these planned out dishes, when I’m left with few vegetables in the refrigerator, I prefer making mixed vegetable curries or side dishes with the left over vegetables. Here is one such recipe … Continue reading Mixed Vegetable Side Dish – Leftover veggies!

Mushroom Soya chunks Briyani – Veg delight!

Mushroom soya chunks Briyani Recipe: Here is the Briyani recipe for all the vegetarian friends. Tastes no less than the non-veg version. I dedicate this to all my scope friends who have been requesting – miss them so dearly. Ingredients: 2 cup basmathi rice 2 medium sized onion(chopped length wise) 4 bangalore tomatoes or 3 normal tomatoes(medium sized) 1 cup mushroom(quartered button mushroom) 3/4 cup … Continue reading Mushroom Soya chunks Briyani – Veg delight!

Chicken Chukka Fry – A Must Try!

Chicken chukka fry recipe:  Simple, quick make, aromatic, delicious, yummy, tasty, appetizing, absolutely enticing…I don’t have words to describe…its a must try is all that I could conclude…please do try and let me know your comments… Ingredients: 250 gms boneless chicken( cut into smaller pieces) 3 tbl spn curd 1 tblspn chilli powder 1 tblspn ginger garlic paste 1/4 tspn turmeric powder 1/2 tbl spn … Continue reading Chicken Chukka Fry – A Must Try!

Ragi Mini Idli – Healthy Mornings!

Ragi Mini Idli Recipe: If you have read my yesterday’s post on Ragi dosa, same ingredients used in variation 2 goes into making of Ragi idlies except for that this requires fermentation of 6-7 hrs and that the batter has to be thick enough. For my kid, I give these soft mini ragi idlies with coconut milk or jam as an accompaniment while I prefer having … Continue reading Ragi Mini Idli – Healthy Mornings!

Ragi Dosa – Healthy Mornings!

Raggi Dosa Recipe: Ragi also known as finger millet is a good source of calcium and it helps improve bone strength. It controls diabetes and aids in weight loss. Mostly,seen as an healthy option, I prefer making it as part of my breakfast routine. I have shared here two dosa variations using ragi. Ragi dosa : variation 1 Ingredients: 1 cup Ragi powder 1/2 cup … Continue reading Ragi Dosa – Healthy Mornings!

Egg Tomato Scramble

Egg tomato scramble recipe: Yet another easy to make recipe from my mom! It’s simple, delicious and a great accompaniment for the main course. Ingredients: 3 eggs 1/2 medium sized onion (finely chopped) 2 Bangalore tomatoes(finely chopped) 2 green chilies(each slit into two halves) 1/4 tbl spn fennel seeds 1/2 tbl spn pepper powder 1/4 tbl spn cummin powder 1/4 tspn turmeric powder Few sprigs … Continue reading Egg Tomato Scramble

Semiya Kesari – Ramzan Sweet

Semiya Kesari Recipe: During my school days, one of our Muslim friends used to send us big multi layered tiffin box with Briyani, sides, curry and sweets in it, every year for Ramzan. They used to send either semiya kesari or rava payasam. I tried semiya kesari this Ramzan, bringing back the childhood memories. Ingredients: 1 cup semiya(vermicelli) 1&1/4 cup water 3 tblsn ghee 1/2 … Continue reading Semiya Kesari – Ramzan Sweet