Kandhar Appam – Guest contribution from Mohana

Kandhar Appam – A chettinad special: Picking and dropping your kid at school on your own becomes interesting when we form friends network there. I got to know Mohana at Sarah’s preschool and we chat a lot as we walk our kids back home. We sometimes exchange home made snacks. She says that this recipe has been given to her by her aunt and would … Continue reading Kandhar Appam – Guest contribution from Mohana

Coriander Chutney – So Refreshing!

Coriander chutney recipe: I always liked the smell & taste of coriander leaves and for its appetizing smell, it goes into lot of culinary preparations around the world in the final garnishing part. We may call it kothamalli , dhania, cilantro, parsley – does the name really matter?…its all about taste…coriander chutney is in my list of best tasting chutneys. I just feel the freshness of … Continue reading Coriander Chutney – So Refreshing!

Onion Dosa – Tasty Mornings!

Onion Dosa Recipe: Dosa is so enticing and delicious that it has made its way into world’s best food list. I prepare dosas every other day and never really got bored of it. While we can make different dosa varieties, my all time favourites are the onion dosas. The mix of seasoned onions and the sourness of the batter, make the dosas all the more … Continue reading Onion Dosa – Tasty Mornings!

Mutton soup with green peas and potato

Mutton Soup Recipe: Mutton soup & chicken soup are two soups that are very popular in South Indian households. Especially when someone in the house is caught with cold and running nose, first suggestion would be to prepare these soups. I make mutton soup with peas and potato for my kid every week. I mix the soup with steamed rice and give her – she … Continue reading Mutton soup with green peas and potato

Spiced Sweet Corn Kernels – Inspiration from Streetfoods in Chennai

Spiced Sweet Corn Kernels: I have tasted these from the street food stalls in chennai and they taste absolutely divine. I give boiled sweet corns to my kid sometimes in the evening considering it as an healthy option as compared to the fried snacks. As my kid is growing, her taste level is also changing. More recently, she is lil fussy in eating boiled corns … Continue reading Spiced Sweet Corn Kernels – Inspiration from Streetfoods in Chennai

Broccoli Baby Potato side dish

Broccoli Baby Potato recipe: It’s been a while since I posted and the thought of not updating was getting over me so much so that I wanted to come up with a recipe that’s really interesting. I decided to make broccoli baby potato side dish for sambar and rice. Here’s the recipe.     Ingredients: 1 cup parboiled broccoli florets 1 cup parboiled baby potatoes … Continue reading Broccoli Baby Potato side dish