Snake Gourd with Roasted Grams

Snake Gourd with Roasted gram: In one of my previous post I have mentioned about using roasted gram powder as final addition to the snake gourd side dish recipe. I got these thinner and longer snake gourds available here in the nearby local market. They are really soft and tender – they also seem to cook faster. Today, with no prior planning, I made preparations to … Continue reading Snake Gourd with Roasted Grams

Tomato chutney Recipe – with no onions!

Tomato chutney: Couple of years back, my sister got to know this recipe from her colleague. Her colleague used to bring this raw & spicy tomato chutney as a side for idlies and she always says that it comes handy in the morning hazzle. The same chutney, my sis prefers tempering with mustard seeds and boiling for a minute or so. Being a chemistry teacher, … Continue reading Tomato chutney Recipe – with no onions!

Cluster Beans Stir Fry – My Granny Way!

Cluster beans stir fry: Whenever I see cluster beans in market, I get reminded of my grandmother. Could it be true what I believe…that when we cook with love, affection and care – thinking of the people whom we are going to serve, the dishes tastes better OR could it be that some people have that magical touch in their hands… So when they prepare, … Continue reading Cluster Beans Stir Fry – My Granny Way!

Egg Stir Fry – An Easy Make!

Simple Egg Stir Fry: A very simple preparation and doesn’t require too many ingredients. Except for boiling egg, this recipe doesn’t take much of your time. The egg stir fry serves as an excellent side for sambar or karakuzhambhu. I have used Bangalore tomatoes but would suggest the normal sour tomatoes for this recipe. The sourness would add extra taste to the preparation. Here’s the … Continue reading Egg Stir Fry – An Easy Make!