Chicken Soup

Chicken green peas soup – Winter Special!

Chicken Soup:  Soups are best choice to warm you in winter. And, for that reason, chicken soup not only helps warm up in cold days, but also that it provides great relief for cold ailments. As this could be prepared within minutes without the need for longer simmering, its best to use the naturally grown chicken. For a well-balanced food, it’s always best to include … Continue reading Chicken green peas soup – Winter Special!

pepper curry

Pepper Curry – During Winter !

Milagu kozhambhu/ Pepper Curry: With Mumbai experiencing a decade low colder nights, every one at home are getting affected by the terrible cold. I have been making some South Indian home remedies like kashayam(herbal decoction) and milagu kozhambhu(pepper curry) besides the relishing soups & hot coffees. Pepper curry gives a complete relief for cold . It’s extremely hot and goes well with steamed rice. Here’s … Continue reading Pepper Curry – During Winter !

gala gala

Christmas Special – Mom’s Recipe!

Gala Gala Recipe: While nothing beats baking a cake at Christmas, there are dishes that are unique to places and are traditionally made.In most South Indian families, Briyani is a must on Christmas day. And, each family have their own list of sweets and savouries to make. My mom always made Gala Gala and its one of my favourite right from childhood. Gala gala is made … Continue reading Christmas Special – Mom’s Recipe!

cauliflower egg stir fry

Cauliflower Egg Stir Fry – Mild & Tasty!

Cauliflower Egg Stir Fry: I have talked about cleaning and parboiling cauliflower in my previous post on Cauliflower starter. The same method is followed here for this recipe. Instead of soaking the florets in hot water for 10-15 minutes, I’ve let it boil for 5 minutes to speed up the process. I prepared this dish keeping in mind that it serves for my kid as … Continue reading Cauliflower Egg Stir Fry – Mild & Tasty!

gooseberry pickle

Instant Goosberry Pickle!

Instant Gooseberry/Amla Pickle: Gooseberries are  rich in Vitamin C and nutrients. It’s been widely used in Ayurvedic medicines. For the goodness it brings to skin and hair, it occupies a special place in health & personal care in India – As you can see there are a lot of products out in the market with Amla base. While Gooseberries could be dried, pickled or used … Continue reading Instant Goosberry Pickle!

Nila Vembu/King of all Bitters – Awareness from Chennai floods

Nila Vembu/King of Bitters: I was working on my new post, all set perfect to publish an interesting spinach recipe. Working on my food blog keeps me motivated. I’m energized and upbeat as I see visitors for my post. I believe that’s the way it works out for most bloggers. 2nd Dec, was not all the same. First time, I felt unhappy to publish my … Continue reading Nila Vembu/King of all Bitters – Awareness from Chennai floods

Ragi Koozh

Instant Ragi/Finger Millet drink – For Breakfast Skippers!

Ragi Koozh: It’s a traditional South Indian dish and it’s also called as keppai or kezhvaraghu Koozh in Tamil. Mostly small onions, green chillies & dry fish curry serve as excellent sides for this dish. However, you can keep it simple -just the ragi koozh without the sides would do – still tastes really good and refreshing! My mom used to say that some of … Continue reading Instant Ragi/Finger Millet drink – For Breakfast Skippers!