Sweet Aval/Poha breakfast

Sweet Aval/Poha Breakfast – Refreshing Mornings!

Sweet Aval/Poha Recipe: This is one of those easy to make recipes with very few ingredients and requires no cooking at all. When I know for sure that my lunch is going to be heavy, I try to balance it with a lighter morning. Sweet Aval breakfast makes me feel light and refreshed. I serve this dish along with banana just like the way we prepare and serve any puttu varieties.

When we were kids, My mom used to make it as a snack with a much more chewy texture. She used to sprinkle lil bit of hot water, so its like the aval is half cooked. While, in this recipe, I have rinsed the aval in water to make it soft and at the same I have prepared the dish without compromising the taste.

Sweet Aval/Poha breakfast

1 &1/2 cup Aval
3-4 tblspn sugar(slightly powdered)
4 tblspn coconut grated or coarsely grounded
1 cardamom
1 tblspn ghee
pinch of salt

1. Wash Aval 2-3 times in water. Strain the water completely and leave it for 10 minutes.
2. Meanwhile, slightly grind sugar along with cardamom in a mixer. Keep aside
3. Remove the brown skin of the coconut and grind it coarsely without adding water in a mixer (or) grate the coconut. Keep aside.
4. Now the aval would be soft. To it add the powdered cardamom sugar, coarsely ground coconut, ghee, pinch of salt and mix well. Now your Sweet Aval is ready.
5. Serve the Sweet Aval with banana. For kids, you could add some hot milk before serving to make it more softer. Also add ghee roasted nuts to make it healthier for kids.

Happy Cooking!

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