sesame seed laddoo/ ellu urandai/ til ladoo

Ellu urundai/ Sesame seeds ladoo

Ellu Urundai(til/sesame seeds ladoo) – There’s lot of health benefits associated with ellu/sesame seeds. And, sesame seed oil is popular in  South Indian cuisine. Still my mom uses it in lot of tangy hot curries and as a mix for idli podi.

I remember when we were child, my mom used to religiously do hair and scalp massage for us with warmed sesame seed oil every week. It helps to reduce body heat and helps retain the hair shine. They say, every bit of sesame plant has got medicinal value and so plays an important role in ayurvedic medicines.

Coming to Ellu urandai, it’s a great nutritional snack for kids and when combined with karpatti vellam(palm sugar) it becomes a healthy sweet too. With lil effort, ellu urandai can be made in no time.

sesame seed laddoo/ ellu urandai/ til ladoo

1 cup White Sesame Seed
1/2 cup jaggery( achu vellam or karupatti)
2 cardamom
pinch of salt

1. Dry roast the sesame seeds until they pop out and you start getting the sesame aroma. Dry roast in low to medium flame. Let it cool off. Keep aside.
2. Grate the jaggery or smash it with a pestle. Keep aside.
3. Now add the roasted sesame seeds, cardamom, salt in a mixer and blend it to a coarse powder. To this add the pounded jaggery and blend it to a fine moist powder.
4. Using hands, make it into small ball shapes. The oil content in the sesame seeds helps to retain the shape. Now your sesame ladoo is ready to be eaten.

Happy Cooking!

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