mysore pak traditional

Traditional Mysore Pak – Guest contribution from Sivakami!

Mysore Pak: My kid’s school is a great place for me to network with other mommies. We are a group now and with the lil time to catch up everyday, we discuss a lot of things that are common. With Diwali around the corner, Sivakami has shared with me her mysore pak preparation that has been passed on by her grandma to her mom.

A busy mom of two kids, Sivakami takes that extra step to give only home made snacks for her kids. Since Mysore Pak is the most sought after snack and requires bit of practice to get the right consistency, I visited her place to take a pic of her preparation. It was a great experience and felt like a real food photographer.

This preparation is more of the hard type – the traditional recipe that was popular back then as we were kids. Now-a-days we get the floating ghee soft Mysore pak. Either way its a Sinful treat!

mysore pak traditional

1 cup besan flour/chickpea flour
2 cup sugar
1&1/2 cup ghee
1/2 cup water
2 cardamom(crushed and powdered)

1. Add 1 tblspn ghee to besan flour and dry roast the flour in medium flame. Let it cool off. Use hands to even out the flour and sieve it.
2. Apply ghee in a plate (for transfer the final mix), sprinkle sugar and keep aside.
3. Add sugar, crushed cardamom to water and boil it till you get a soft ball consistency(almost two string consistency). Just if you take the sugar syrup between fingers, you would be in the verge of getting two strings. Keep in low-medium flame.
4. Add this stage add the besan flour lil by lil. Keep stiring as you add the flour.
5. Keep adding ghee as you stir. At a stage where the flour thickens separating ghee, it froths a lil and doesn’t stick to the pan, switch off the stove and transfer to the greased plate.
6. Just spread gently without pressing. After a 3-5 minutes make marks with knife and cut it. Let it cool off completely.
7. Separate the pieces and relish.

Happy Cooking!

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