mini thattu vadai

Mini Thattu Vadai/Thattai – So Crispy!

Minu Thattu Vadai:  A popular snack from South India, thattu vadai is made occasionally on auspicious days in South Indian households. With few ingredients and a couple of techniques, the authentic taste of thattu vadai can be easily brought out.

I’m a great fan of mini thattu vadai and anyone from salem can’t forget the taste of thattu vadai set that comes with the combination of grated veggies and spicy mint&tomato sauce. Thattu vadai set is a famous street food in salem and there are hundreds of shops that sell it. While I reserve the thattu vadai set preparation for my future post, here is the recipe for the very base ingredient, mini thattu vadai itself.

mini thattu vadai


mini thattu vadai

1 cup rice flour(store bought)
1 tblspn urad dal powder
1&1/2 tblspn roasted gram(chutney dal)
1 tspn chilly powder
1/4 tspn asafoetida/hing
2 tblspn butter
2 Sprig of curry leaves(finely chopped)
salt to taste

1. Dry roast the urad dal until it turns slight brown. Transfer it to a bowl and let it cool off. Now grind it in a mixer and sieve to get the fine powder. Keep aside.
2. Mix all the ingredients – rice flour, urad dal powder, roasted gram, chilly powder, asafoeatida, curry leaves and butter. Mix until the butter mixes well with the flour.
3. At this stage, add water lil-by-lil to get a really smooth dough. Keep aside
4. Now make the dough into small ball shapes. Place the them on a plastic sheet and place another plastic sheet over it such the dough balls are in-between two plastic sheets.
5. Now press the dough using a flat surfaced cup to get round shape like that of thattai. Pierce with fork in couple of places on thattai to avoid puffing.
6. Heat oil in a kadai. When the oil is hot enough, deep fry the thattai in medium flame.
7. When it turns brown, remove with a oil strainer and place them on paper towel.
8. Now your crispy mini thattu vadai is ready.

1. The dough has to be really soft enough so we get the round edges without breaking.
2. Mini thattu vadai is made lil thicker compared to the big ones and they cook easily.
3. Instead of roasted gram, you can add any nuts(crushed) of your liking.

Happy Cooking!

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