cappuccino, beaten coffee

Coffee with Love – Prepare your own Cappuccino!

Cappuccino at home: I’m a great coffee lover. Just the smell of coffee can make me feel light and happy. And, I have been always drawn towards the wonderful taste of Cappuccino and more than intrigued towards the art on top of it. For a long time now, I decided to try it out.

Filter coffee has been the tradition in South India and it’s way lighter than the Italian Cappuccino. And, my day starts with brewing coffee as in any other South Indian household. Being health conscious, I always use a low fat skimmed milk with added water. Now the challenge is that the coffee art requires a creamy top to hold its shape on top of the coffee.

In a friendly chat and exchange of tips over a cup of coffee, One of my friend taught me how to make a creamy latte by beating sugar, instant coffee powder and few drops of water together. And the taste of that coffee was so excellent, that I started preparing it very often and now, it has lead me to experiment with the coffee art.

cappuccino beaten coffee

This picture was taken by my kid and I felt, it was so creative than the ones that I’ve taken. While I intended to focus on the coffee, she wanted to cover all her play doh creations in her photo. It’s her idea to make the cookie jar fall and let the play doh cookies out – It was so dramatic that I thought it deserves the space here, right on the top.

Here are some of the heart shapes(as it turned out) that I tried etching(with the creamy latte) on top of my coffee which I wanted to share with the viewers.

cappuccino, beaten coffee

cappuccino, beaten coffee

cappuccino, beaten coffee

cappuccino, beaten coffee

cappuccino, beaten coffee

2 tspn instant coffee powder
2 tblspn sugar
1tspn water
1 glass of boiled milk(low fat milk)


1. Add one glass of water to half a litre skimmed milk and let it boil.

2. As the milk is getting boiled, take coffee powder, sugar & water in a stainless cup and using spoon beat all the ingredients together for 10 minutes until you see the texture changing. The texture would become creamy. The colour changes from dark to light. The more faster and longer you beat the ingredients, you would achieve better creamy texture.

creamy latte, expresso   creamy latte, expresso

3. As the milk starts frothing, switch off the stove. Take one glass of the boiled milk and add slowly to the creamy latte.

4. Give a light stir with a spoon, so that a creamy layer is formed on the top. Now the coffee is ready.

5. Using the same creamy latte, you could try etching designs on the top using any sharp tools(I have used Chinese chop sticks & tooth pick).

Relish your cup of home made Cappuccino and let me know the taste.

Happy cooking!


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