mutton baby corn soup

Mutton Baby Corn Soup – So Yummy!

Mutton baby corn soup: My mom to used make soups when someone has cold in the house. But now, with changing lifestyle, I’m accustomed to making soups very often. I make mutton soup for my kid as an after school evening refreshment. The light sweetness in the baby corn enhances the flavour and taste of the mutton soup.

Whether it’s a mutton soup or a mutton curry , I prefer long simmering for better taste. Given the busy schedule, I always end up using pressure cooker to fasten the preparation. Nevertheless, the taste is awesome and a must try for the viewers. I sometime mix the soup with steamed rice or side it up with Appam/dosa for my kid. I must say, she enjoys it more than anything else.

mutton baby corn soup

1 cup mutton(cut into small pieces)
1/2 cup baby corn(slit length wise and cut)
1/2 big onion (chopped)
1 big tomato
pinch of turmeric powder
1/2 tspn coriander powder
1/2 tspn pepper powder
1/4 cummin powder
3-4 cloves
1 dry bayleaf
1 cardamom
1/2 tspn fennel seeds
1 inch ginger
4-5 garlic pods
coriander leaves
1 sprig of curry leaves
Salt to taste

For Grinding:
Grind tomato, ginger, garlic, cardamom, cloves, fennel seeds in a mixer and filter to get the spiced tomato juice. Keep aside

1. Clean the mutton pieces well and transfer them to a cooker. Along with it add the chopped onions, spiced tomato juice, turmeric powder, coriander powder, pepper powder, cumin powder, bay leaf and curry leaves. Pressure cook for 5-7 whistles until the mutton is soft and tender.
2. Now add the baby corn and pressure cook for 1 more whistle.
3. Transfer the mutton soup to a bowl, sprinkle finely chopped coriander leaves and serve hot.

Happy cooking!


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