Capsicum Mini Idlies – Did you miss World Idli Day?

Capsicum Mini Idli: As I was checking out my twitter handle (@sarahs_recipe), I came across the hashtag #worldIdliDay that was celebrated on March 30th. It was one of the top trends in twitter and there was even a contest conducted by Chef Ranveer Brar about no. of idli recipes in his app. There was so much happening and I missed all of it.  What was consoling was that that a day has been dedicated to celebrate Idli and being a South Indian, I felt really happy about it.

For my own satisfaction, I have created some colourful mini idli blossoms which I thought would be a delightful treat for the viewers. Besides that, I have recreated one of my moms recipe for pasta with that of mini idlies and I’m happy to share it. Capsicum mini idli is a must try lunch box recipe.

1 cup idli batter
1 capsicum(cut lengthwise into small pieces)
1/2 big onion(thinly cut lengthwise)
1/2 tomato(cut lengthwise into small pieces)
1 green chilly (slit lengthwise)
1 /2 tablespoon ginger garlic(crushed)
1 tspn fenned seeds
1/2 tspn pepper powder
1/4 tspn cummin powder
pinch of turmeric powder
1 sprig of curry leaves
Few coriander leaves
Salt to taste


1. Grease the mini idli plates with oil. Pour the batter using your tablespoon onto the mini idli plates. Steam them for 5 minutes. Remove the idlies with knife or spoon. Keep aside
2. Heat 2-3 tblspn oil in a pan, add the fennel seeds, ginger garlic, green chilly, onions and the curry leaves in quick succession and saute for a minute.
3. Now add the tomato and the capsicum pieces and saute for a minute. Then add the turmeric powder, salt and saute a minute.
4. Now add the mini idlies and saute, so that all the flavours mix together.
5. Switch of the stove – add the pepper powder, cumin powder and give a stir. Sprinkle few coriander leaves on top.
6. Now your capsicum mini idli is ready to be served.

Idli Blossoms:

mini idli

mini idli

For Idli blossoms:
I have used, grated carrot, beetroot and raw mango. See ref. pic below

mini idli

Happy cooking!




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