Ragi Idiyappam/Finger millet string hopper

Ragi idiyappam/string hoppers – So light & delicious!

Ragi&Rice flour idiyappam/string hoppers: I was planning to prepare a light evening snack and I decided to make string hoppers(Idiyappam) which is a famous traditional South Indian breakfast. Usually, I make string hoppers with rice flour. I made the initial preparation of washing the necessary vessels and I was all set to make. It’s then I realized, that the rice flour quantity was less. I measured equal quantiy of ragi flour(finger millet) and then I mixed both rice flour and ragi flour together and made the dough. Also, I don’t have a separate press for making string hoppers. I make use of the murukku press.

After all the dough was used for making the string hoppers, there was small portion of it left inside the murukku press which I have used for making flower and petal designs.I steamed these designs along with the string hoppers and included it in the final plating of string hoppers for better presentation of the dish. Hope it’s interesting for the viewers!

Ragi Idiyappam/Finger millet string hopper

finger millet string hopper/ ragi idiyappam

1 cup Ragi flour(finger millet)
1 cup Rice flour
4-5 tblspn grated coconut
sesame oil/ghee
2 cardamom(crushed)
4-5 tblspn sugar
pinch of salt

1.Heat water in a vessel. When the water starts boiling , take it of from the stove and keep aside.
2. Mix rice, ragi flour and salt in a vessel. Now add the hot water little by little and knead it into a soft and tight dough. Add few drops of seasme oil in the end while kneading.
3. Grease the idli steamer plates and the murukku press with sesame oil.
4. Now add the dough into the murukku press and press the dough directly over the idli steamer plates. Repeat the process until all the dough is over and plates are filled.
idli steamer plate and murukku press steamer plate
5.Steam it for 7-8 minutes and switch off the stove. Take out the steamer plates and keep it aside for 5 mintues  to cool.
6. Transfer the string hoppers from the steamer plates to a another wide vessel. Now add the grated coconut, sugar and cardamom. Mix them all together.
7. Serve hot and enjoy.

1. Once the string hoppers are tranferred to a bowl, we can shred them with hand.
2. Instead of mixing the grated coconut, sugar and cardamom to the string hoppper, we can grind them & filter to get the flavoured coconut milk. String hoppers and coconut milk are a great combo.

IF you would like to buy similar murukku press, I recommend you to check out this link for murukku press

Happy cooking!


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