Egg Stir Fry

Egg Masala Stir Fry – An easy make !

Egg Masala Stir Fry: Almost similar in preparation to my earlier post on egg stir fry(click here for recipe), this dish has distinct flavour and taste. It requires hard boiled egg and its an easy to make dish – goes well with steamed rice and samabar/rasam/curd. It also tastes good with roti. Ingredients: 4 hard boiled eggs 5-6 small onion (finely chopped) 1 large sized … Continue reading Egg Masala Stir Fry – An easy make !

Egg Stir Fry – An Easy Make!

Simple Egg Stir Fry: A very simple preparation and doesn’t require too many ingredients. Except for boiling egg, this recipe doesn’t take much of your time. The egg stir fry serves as an excellent side for sambar or karakuzhambhu. I have used Bangalore tomatoes but would suggest the normal sour tomatoes for this recipe. The sourness would add extra taste to the preparation. Here’s the … Continue reading Egg Stir Fry – An Easy Make!