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Traditional Mysore Pak – Guest contribution from Sivakami!

Mysore Pak: My kid’s school is a great place for me to network with other mommies. We are a group now and with the lil time to catch up everyday, we discuss a lot of things that are common. With Diwali around the corner, Sivakami has shared with me her mysore pak preparation that has been passed on by her grandma to her mom. A … Continue reading Traditional Mysore Pak – Guest contribution from Sivakami!

Semiya Kesari – Ramzan Sweet

Semiya Kesari Recipe: During my school days, one of our Muslim friends used to send us big multi layered tiffin box with Briyani, sides, curry and sweets in it, every year for Ramzan. They used to send either semiya kesari or rava payasam. I tried semiya kesari this Ramzan, bringing back the childhood memories. Ingredients: 1 cup semiya(vermicelli) 1&1/4 cup water 3 tblsn ghee 1/2 … Continue reading Semiya Kesari – Ramzan Sweet

Beetroot Halwa – Homemade Sweet

Beetroot Halwa recipe: The uncertainity of ingredients used in shops, no matter how delicious the sweets & snacks may be, have always helped me to focus on easy to make recipes at home. In addition, sweet made from vegetables require less amount of sugar and ghee as compared to flour varieties – so, should we wait for occasions?   Ingredients: 1 cup grated beetroot 2 … Continue reading Beetroot Halwa – Homemade Sweet