Ela Ada – Guest contribution from Nimisha Arun

Ela ada recipe:

Nimisha is a business writer, now settled in Bahrain. She is my friend and ex-colleague. Stitching and painting are her passions. She relishes Ela Ada – an authentic Kerala delicacy prepared by her mother and has now shared the recipe on Sarah’s Kitchen.

Ela ada


1 cup rice flour
2 cup water
1 1/2 cup grated coconut
1/2 cup jaggery
Cardamom powder
Banana leaves ( cut in square shape)


1. Mix rice flour with warm water and salt in a vessel. Add water slowly and keep mixing the flour until you get to a consistency where the dough should be non sticky to your hand and the vessel.

2. Take the rectangularly cut banana leaf and spread the dough over it using your fingers


3. Over the dough spread the grated coconut. Take jaggery and grate it over the coconut spread using a grater. Sprinkle cardamom powder(optional).


4. Now slowly fold the banana leaf and gently press it so that the sides of the dough gets sealed.

5. Place the folded leaves in a idli steamer and steam it for 8-10 minutes. Switch off the stove.

6. Remove the leaves and slice the ada inside into two halves. Now your ela ada is ready to be eaten.

After steaming PIC:



Happy cooking!




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