hot parottas

Parotta Making – An easy way!

Parotta recipe:

Parotta is a popular dish in South India especially in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Egg parotta and kothu parotta is a must try in this category in Tamil Nadu whereas malabar parotta in Kerala. Right from my childhood, I’ve always admired the way its made in street shops –  there’s an air of mastery displayed over stretching, pulling, rolling and flattening of the dough to arrive at the final flaky, soft parottas(layered flat bread), almost similar to the Malaysian Roti Canai. While, I’m in no way near the technique, I’ve learnt to make the parottas in an easy way with almost the same results as that of the shops. Maida, egg, milk and oil are the main ingredients in most parottas. I have made a variation of this with lesser oil, no egg and no milk. I’m happy to share the step-by-step process of making the parottas for viewers benefit.

These days there is no sun and all rains in Mumbai, I’ve tried my best to make the pics more appealing.


Ingredients for kneading dough:
2 cup All purpose flour(maida)
4 tblspn oil
1/2 tspn salt

1. Add salt to the flour. Knead the dough by adding water in small quantities until you get a soft non-sticky dough. At this point add 4 tblspn oil and knead the dough again for 5-7 minutes. Close the dough with a lid or a damp cloth. Allow it to rest for 30-45 minutes. Then take equal portions and make it into balls

parotta dough  parotta dough

2. Using the rolling pin, roll the dough to thin roti shape(need not bother much about the round ship – as long as the dough is rolled thin, its fine).
dsc06188  parotta

3. Apply 2 tblspn oil on each side of the dough. And gently make pleats as shown in pic.
parotta   Parotta

Parotta pleats  Parotta

4. Hold the sides with both hands, gently stretch and hit the dough on rolling board few times. Now roll back the dough as shown in the pic. Keep aside the rolled dough for 45 mins.
Parotta  parotta dough roll back
Parotta dough  Parotta dough

5. Sprinkle some flour and spread the rolled up dough into roti shape using the rolling pin.

parotta dough
6. Heat the tawa. Grease oil on it and place the parotta on it. Cook in medium to high flame by flipping both sides every half minute or less than that. As you might flip sides, add 2 tblsp oil on each side of the parotta.


7. While the parottas are still hot, take 2-3 parottas, crush them side wise with both hands to get the flaky texture with layers lifted.

hot parottas

8. Serve hot with veg korma(or) mutton/chicken/fish curry. Tastes good with all salna varieties.

1. I have used iron tawa for making the parottas.
2. The final crushing step is a must to get the flaky layered texture for parottas.
3. Add egg and milk while making the dough as a variation to this.

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